About GSH

The mission of Good Shepherd Housing (GSH) is to reduce homelessness, increase community support, and promote self-sufficiency.


Good Shepherd Housing has served the housing needs of Northern Virginia families and individuals for more than 40 years.

We have…
$2.5 million annual budget
$8.0 million in assets
a recognized 501(c)3

We oversee…
100+ housing units
More than 1,000 families and individuals in need

We are…
15 members board of directors, representing a diverse, multi-denominational cross-section of our communities
6 full-time staff, 3 part-time staff
40+ volunteers like you who help make everything possible

A Message to Our Community – 06/12/2020 

Our country, region, and communities are reeling with outrage from acts of racism we have witnessed in the past few weeks, specifically with the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many others.

We at Good Shepherd Housing feel we must speak up. The majority of our residents are people of color. Black lives matter and are priceless, and we support actions to end systemic racism and practices devaluing our Black neighbors.

At Good Shepherd Housing, our mission, work and services support equitable access to housing. We believe that a community is stronger when everyone within the community is equally valued.

Racism has no home at Good Shepherd Housing, yet it is the unacceptable reality for too many that we serve. We will not ignore it. We will ask for guidance from and listen to our residents, community members, and anti-racism allies as we move forward together.

It is easier to say we will be an inclusive and anti-racist organization than it is to truly be one. We are up for the challenge. These words are only where we start; actions will now follow.

As our first step, we will be guided by the aspirations and hopes for the community our residents want for their families and themselves. We are striving to build trust with our residents by listening to them and seeking ways to implement their ideas and vision. We will work to create equity, opportunities, and community assets where they live.

Today, we have also joined in partnership with Fairfax County’s Communities of Trust Committee (www.communitiesoftrust.com). A diverse citizens’ group, Communities of Trust aims to strengthen the bonds between public safety agencies and the communities we serve. We will work with them to bring about critically needed changes in our local systems.

We believe this can be a transformative time as we work in partnership with everyone in our communities. 

– Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services Staff and Board of Directors

Un mensaje para nuestra comunidad – 06/12/2020

Nuestro país, nuestra región y nuestras comunidades repudian con gran indignación los actos de racismo de los que hemos sido testigos en las últimas semanas, en concreto por la muerte de George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor y muchos otros.

Nosotros, en Good Shepherd Housing, sentimos que debemos hablar. La mayoría de nuestros residentes son personas de color. Las vidas de las personas de color importan y no tienen precio, y apoyamos las acciones
para terminar con el racismo sistémico y las prácticas que subestiman a nuestros vecinos de color.

En Good Shepherd Housing, nuestra misión, trabajo y servicios apoyan el acceso equitativo a la vivienda. Creemos que una comunidad es más fuerte cuando todos dentro de la comunidad son valorados por igual.

El racismo no tiene cabida en Good Shepherd Housing, sin embargo, es una realidad inaceptable para muchos a quienes prestamos servicios. No lo ignoraremos. Pediremos orientación y escucharemos a nuestros residentes,
miembros de la comunidad y aliados antirracistas mientras avanzamos juntos.

Es más fácil decir que seremos una organización inclusiva y antirracista que serlo de verdad. Estamos preparados para el desafío. Estas palabras son solo el punto de partida; ahora seguirán las acciones.

Como primer paso, nos guiaremos por las aspiraciones y esperanzas de la comunidad que nuestros residentes quieren para sus familias y para ellos mismos. Nos esforzamos por crear confianza con nuestros residentes al
escucharlos y buscar formas de implementar sus ideas y visión. Trabajaremos para crear equidad, oportunidades y activos comunitarios donde viven.

Hoy, también nos hemos asociado con Communities of Trust Committee del condado de Fairfax (www.communitiesoftrust.com). Con un grupo de ciudadanos diversos, las Communities of Trust tienen como objetivo fortalecer los lazos entre las agencias de seguridad pública y las comunidades a las que servimos. Trabajaremos con ellos para lograr cambios críticamente necesarios en nuestros sistemas locales.

Creemos que este puede ser un momento de transformación, ya que trabajamos en colaboración con todos en nuestras comunidades.

– Personal y Junta Directiva de Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services


We are located:

Mount Zephyr Business Center
Suite 17B
8305 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA
At the corner of Richmond Highway and Reddick Avenue, a half-mile north of the South County Government Center.

Bus lines:
Fairfax County Connector Bus Line 171 and the Richmond Highway Express Bus (REX)