How can Good Shepherd Housing help me?
Our mission is to reduce homelessness, increase community support and promote self-sufficiency. For many of our client families that means we provide emergency financial assistance to pay for back rent, keeping them in stable housing. For other client families who are facing homelessness we provide affordable housing, as well as the guidance and support to help them succeed.

What kinds of expenses will the Emergency Services program help pay?
The Emergency Services program will pay up to $350 in cash grants to prevent eviction, as well as first month’s rent or security deposit for a new apartment. Assistance is limited to once every 12 months. You must live within one of the following zip codes to be eligible: 22303, 22306, 22307, 22308, 22309, 22310, 22315, 22060, or 22079. Funds are available on the first of each month and are dispensed on a first-come-first-served basis according to need.

Do you provide emergency housing or shelter?
We are not a shelter program. We offer, instead, housing for families that can afford a modest rent for an apartment but are unable to get one due to other housing barriers – such as bad credit or rental history. We direct any individual that is looking for emergency housing to Fairfax County’s Coordinated Services Planning at (703) 222-0880.

Do you have subsidized housing?
No, but the rents for all of our units are below the fair market rate for the area. We work hard to obtain the most affordable market-rate units for our tenants. Good Shepherd Housing currently owns 31 housing units and looks to expand its housing inventory to increase affordable rental housing opportunities in our community.  By owning housing units, Good Shepherd Housing has greater control over its expense and can offer housing with affordable rents below the prevailing market rents.

Do I have to be working to be eligible for a unit?
We require that all applicants for our housing have sufficient work income to afford the costs of renting one of our units.  We do accept rental subsidies, such as Housing Choice Vouchers, as a way for our residents to lower their rental costs. Generally, we look to house applicants who will not be rent burdened in our housing — that is, they will pay no more than 30% of their monthly gross (pre-tax) income towards their rental costs.

How do I apply for the ABC housing program?
In order to apply, complete our online ABC Housing Program application. If a household appears to be eligible for our housing, our Housing Services Coordinator will arrange a meeting with one of our case managers for a one-on-one interview. We will also require a $35 application fee for each adult applicant in order for us to complete our background check evaluations.  Should you be approved for our housing, you will be placed on a 90-day wait-list for the next suitable and available vacancy.  When a vacancy becomes available, you will be expected to move into our housing as soon as practicable.

How long is the wait list for housing?
The wait-list for our housing depends on household size and income.  Our occupancy standard is two persons per bedroom.  We have more 2- and 3-bedroom units than 1-bedroom units in our inventory.

Where are the units located?
All of Good Shepherd Housing’s units are located along Richmond Highway (Route One) from the Beltway in Alexandria and south to Lorton in zip codes 22079, 22303, 22306 and 22309.

Do you accept furniture donations?
Unfortunately we do not have the means to transport and store donated furniture. If you have any furnishings that you would like to donate we strongly encourage you to contact United Community Ministries’ Back Porch Store at (703) 799-7015, which is located at 7838 Richmond Highway. They can pick up your items and provide them to those in need for low- or no-cost.