May 2, 2022

An unexpected expense can be financially devastating for families. It certainly was for Lorna and her husband Tom, Good Sheperd Housing residents who learned last summer of a judgment ordering Tom to pay back $10,000 in alimony by October. The couple went into overdrive trying to scrape together the funds; Lorna took out multiple loans and Tom handed over his $3,000 school refund check, but it still wasn’t enough. Now Tom’s wages are being garnished, preventing them from covering their other expenses. To make ends meet, Tom has been driving for rideshare and shopping delivery companies, but they still weren’t bringing in enough each month to keep up with rent. Lorna asked GSH for help with December rent. With a month of housing expenses off the table, Lorna and Tom were able to do some catching up on other expenses and get closer to their goal of paying off the unexpected alimony ruling.  

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