Affordable Housing Meant a Chance to Go Back to School

Feb 12, 2019

by Aleisha Wilhite, Community Case Manager

Desperate to provide a better future for her daughter, Ms. Elliott moved to the United States several years ago. Trained in nursing in her home country, she struggled to find regular employment because she needed to attain certain classroom credits here to transfer her certification. For several years, she and her family lived with a roommate in a small apartment, because that was all that she could afford in housing on her income.

In 2016, she was referred to Good Shepherd Housing from another partner in the community. She applied for our housing program and was accepted. With housing secured, she was able to begin saving for her education. In the meantime, she became a naturalized citizen!

With her savings growing, she has gone back to school and begun to establish credit in her own name. Her daughter is attending a local middle school, and is excited that she now has a chance to participate in extracurricular activities. 

Thanks to our donors who support our efforts to provide stable, affordable housing in our community, the future looks promising for the Elliott family, and Ms. Elliott can not wait to advance her career in nursing here in the United States.