Inner Givers

Feb 4, 2019

by David Levine, President/CEO

From time to time in this space, I’ve shared with you a blog by Bea Boccalandro.  Having taken a course taught by her, I know Bea Boccalandro takes a look at charity and fundraising in very new and different ways.

In her latest blog, she examines the difference between the Inner Giver and the Inner Egotist.  For her, the Inner Giver is the individual who likes to contribute to the welfare of others with no expectation of a reward.  On the other hand, the Inner Egotist ignores the feelings of others, and certainly their welfare, and blithely marches on.

Fortunately for us, Bea Boccalandro has found most of us are Inner Givers.  In this lengthy quote from the blog, she writes:

“It’s not just biology and evolutionary studies that find that the Inner Giver trumps the Inner Egotist.  So does, for example, an examination of our values. Some societies emphasize family unity while other revere individual freedoms…Some are deeply religious while others are overwhelmingly secular…Yet, a comprehensive study across 82 countries found that every society has the same top value:  Enhancing the welfare of others.”

I’m glad to see social research backing up a fundamental community-spirited value.  It is the value of selflessness over selfishness. 

It lets us know that we are supported in our mission of affordable housing.  We know the givers are out there to help us.