From Foreclosure to Stability

Sep 14, 2018

The 2008-2009 recession and the ensuing housing crisis was a challenge for many families in our community. Ms. Kenneth was no different. A mom of three, she lost her job like many others did in 2009. Depleting her savings, she tried to sell the home they owned, but with a loss of market value and a glut of properties, she had no takers. Sadly, she had to give the house back to the bank.

While she was looking for a stable job, she was able to secure rental assistance in the form of a housing choice voucher, and in October 2010, she and her children, who were all in elementary school at the time, moved into a GSH apartment that she could afford. Things continued to improve for her, and early the next year she landed a full-time job as an administrative assistant.

The foreclosure in 2010 destroyed her credit score and at the time she moved into our housing, it was 299. Thanks to support from our incredible community, she has had access to the financial counseling and stable housing that has helped her to pay down her debt and pay her bills on time, and today, her credit score has more than doubled to 648!

More importantly, her children have been able to be successful in school. For eight years they were able to stay in the same school pyramid, know their teachers and administrators, and build a network of support. Her twin sons who just graduated from high school are already on their way to bright futures. Nick has enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and Frank has enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College.

Throughout these challenging years, your support has provided financial assistance for food, school supplies and extracurricular activities and car repairs, so she could continue to work. And today, Ms. Kenneth can celebrate 7 years at her current employer as well as the pride in her sons, an airman in our U.S. military and a future college graduate. And later this year, her daughter will graduate from high school. Their future is bright because of you!