Sep 12, 2022

In his final years of high school, Stephan took on extra responsibilities within his family, working to contribute to household expenses while maintaining his high school grades in order to graduate. His work paid off when he earned his diploma. But just as Stephan, a dedicated student and son of a Good Shepherd Housing resident, was stepping into a new chapter of his life, a crisis hit his family. The financial blow was enough that it could have displaced his family. Stephan faced the possibility of putting off college to support his family through full-time work. Fortunately, GSH’s Coordinated Services was able to respond to the family’s needs with financial assistance. Not only was Stephan able to continue with his plan to begin college, GSH packed him a bag of supplies for his first semester. With a little bit of help, all of his hard work and commitment to his family paid off after all.

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