Jun 6, 2022

empty classroom

Penny has always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. But a difficult family life in her teens meant she was never able to finish high school, let alone to go college for a teaching degree. Thanks to Good Shepherd Housing’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, she is now moving closer to that goal. Earlier this year, Penny began her second semester in Fairfax County’s adult GED program. TANF funds helped cover her tuition costs and GED prep books. Thanks to these books, she is improving her scores and is on track to complete an English course. She is also enrolled in an Integrated Education and Training early childhood course, which will prepare her to become a parapro. Penny hopes to work in Fairfax public schools as a child care instructor or teacher’s assistant. She believes these roles will help her career as she continues to pursue her ultimate dream of becoming a teacher.

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