Catching Up After Losing a Job

Nov 10, 2017

Autumn was working hard as a single mom and wasn’t receiving child support. Unfortunately this summer, the contract on her job ran out, and she found herself unemployed. To make matters worse, she had difficulty finding a new job as she fell ill and was unable to participate in job interviews. She was unemployed for almost two months and unable to make ends meet.

But she had a breakthrough and landed a stable new job at a law firm. Not only was it stable employment, but the firm gave her an advance on her salary to help pay the back rent she owed, so she could stay in her housing. 

Autumn has already paid her employer back, but was still behind on her electric bill. She was referred to GSH, and we were able to pay her electric bill to bring her current. 

And to add a cherry on top of her good news story, Autumn was successful in taking her child’s father to court, and she has since been granted child support for her son!

In Autumn’s words: 

“Thank you so much! You don’t know how much this means to me and my family! Oh FYI I was granted $500 a month in child support for my son . Things are looking a little brighter on my end! I greatly appreciate the help.”
We continue to be thankful to all of our community supporters who help us make sure our neighbors like Autumn can stay in their housing, even when they have a turn of bad luck.