An Accident and a Lost Job

Aug 2, 2017

by Jessica Seckman, Emergency Services Manager

Jason is a local resident who has two jobs, a full time job in construction and a part time job in community services. He not only works to make ends meet, but he chooses to also work in a job where he helps others facing difficulties. 

Sadly, a few months ago, on his way to work he was involved in an accident for which he was not at fault. His injuries were so extensive that he needed to spend months in rehab in order to learn how to walk again. Despite being on medical leave, his employer let him go.

With lost hours and no job, he was facing eviction. Thankfully, we were able to partner with other agencies to help him pay his back rent.

“I am very blessed to know there are other people like me who want to help give back to the community like I do,” wrote Jason. We are happy to report that he is now back on his feet with a new job in one of the local school systems.