Cancer’s Impact on Income

Mar 9, 2017

by Jessica Seckman, Financial Assistance Coordinator

Several months ago, Ella’s husband woke up feeling off. He was tired, dragging, and he could tell something was not right. After a couple of weeks, he finally gave in and went in to the doctor’s office. The diagnosis was one we all dread: cancer. Unfortunately, while he is receiving treatment, he hasn’t been able to work.

Their family income has been cut in half. Ella had only been working part time until then, as she was responsible for caring for their child. She recently started an in-home child care program working through the Office for Children’s subsidy program. Ella has also picked up a second job to help make ends meet while her husband stays home and recovers. Unfortunately, they still got a little behind with the electrical bill. While she also receives some assistance from UCM and the Salvation Army, GSH was able to step in and pay off her balance with the electrical company to keep the family in good standing.

We wish Ella’s husband a speedy recovery, and we’re thankful that support from our community has helped this family in need.