Helping a Mount Vernon Family

by | Feb 16, 2017

It’s not an uncommon story. A family home catches on fire. And in the aftermath, while there is undeniable relief that everyone is safe, the reality of the loss sets in.

Insurance comes back and values your home and belongings at a certain amount. The family finds that insurance will cover the home and maybe the big items, but much of the little items and necessities like clothing, you’re on your own.

A local family recently had this happen to them. The Mount Vernon community has rallied around them. They received support from our partner UCM, and the local schools have stepped up as well. However, donations were still needed for the young girl.

Former GSH Board President Rosemary Murray reached out to the family and had them contact us to see if we could assist. A private call went out for help, and within hours emails and texts were coming in with donations of both clothing and gift cards. The first donation from the Zeigler family was received that very night, and the family has already picked it up, so that the young girl would received it immediately. 

It might be easy to dismiss a child’s need for a little clothing variety. But who doesn’t remember going to school and being worried about being left out because your clothes didn’t fit right or weren’t “cool”? Add to that the loss of your home, your absolute favorite toy or book, and the stress would be challenging for anyone, much less a young child.

A big thank you to all the donations that are coming in to help this family get a fresh start. It’s what our community does best!

In the pictures below, you can see a few of the donations that have come in already.