A New Approach to Helping Families

Feb 3, 2017

by David Levine, President/CEO

I’ve been updating you about new service approaches taken by GSH.  We have begun to emphasize more resident-centered approaches, including our new “Circle of Support” approach with our residents.  

The point of our new service approach is for our residents themselves to support and strengthen each other by engaging more in their communities, building social networks, and finding service solutions and community resources on their own.  GSH will be there to facilitate and enable the efforts of our residents to support each other. 

I want to share this study from the National Housing Conference on the effectiveness of resident-directed service approaches similar to ours.  Reporting on the Family Independence Initiative (FII) — a California-based nonprofit working with 2,000 households in 7 different cities that has implemented a family-centered asset-building approach — the study show that the participating families, on average, made progress in areas such as their personal finances, children’s academic performance, and even health.

As one of the authors noted, progress for the families is far from linear.  The author noted: “…even though some families make U-turns and detours in their journey, they typically do the right things to accomplish their goals.  Not everyone’s path to economic mobility looks the same.” 

These resident-centered approaches appear to have many good outcomes.  They may make the difference in moving a family to stability and financial success.