Housing for Middle-Income Families

Jan 27, 2017

by David Levine, President & CEO

This article posted on the Bisnow website points to a growing issue: the lack of affordable housing for middle-income families.

Through its support for rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing programs, as well as family shelters, the federal government targets a large share of its homeless services support for those families with the lowest incomes.  Even low-income housing tax credits — which I noted last week had reached their 30th anniversary— have generated millions of affordable housing units for low-income households.

That’s all well and good. It is needed support to the low-income population who are struggling with housing stability and homelessness.

But at the same time, many working middle-income families have struggled with their housing. Some of them, too, have experienced homelessness as real as that of any low-income shelter resident. They need support to access affordable housing.

A local affordable housing developer, Bo Menkiti, was quoted in the article as saying: “What are we doing to help the single mom with four kids holding down a job an trying to make ends meet?… We have to think about where is the most efficient use of our dollars.  It can be more efficient to put dollars at the tipping point.” That “tipping point” is where the family has reached self-sufficiency and housing stability.

GSH knows many of these working middle-income families.  We see them, and will house them, mostly in our leased housing units (36 of our 89 managed housing units).  In our leased units, we have no income restrictions on the residents, making them ideal for these working middle-income families.