Cancer Shouldn’t Lead to a Utility Cutoff

Jan 27, 2017

by Jessica Seckman, Financial Assistance Coordinator

Healthcare concerns continue to be an issue for local residents who are trying to stay afloat. Mr. Johnson visited GSH this month for assistance with his electric bill.

Mr. Johnson is a local business owner who owns his own construction company. Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and he doesn’t know how much longer ha has to live. His clients are now afraid to hire him because they fear that the job won’t get finished. So to add to his concerns, he doesn’t have enough work coming in to pay his regular bills.

Partnering with Coordinated Services Planning (CSP), we were able to help Mr. Johnson with keeping his utilities connected. In addition to the utility support, GSH is also going to help pay for 3 months of his rent while he receives chemo radiation and additional surgeries.