Good Samaritan Donates Reward

by | Jan 18, 2017

Have you ever been walking around and looked down and saw a 20-dollar bill lying on the ground? Were you tempted to keep it or did you turn it in?

Well, that same question recently arose for nine-year-old Aloysius. He was at the local Wegmans with his dad, when he saw $40 lying on the ground. Without hesitating, he turned in the money to the customer service desk hoping it would find its way back into the hands of the proper owners.

Pleased that this young man would show such honesty, the store offered him a gift card to Wegmans. He and his dad in turn asked the store who they normally make donations to. Recognizing Good Shepherd Housing as an organization they had heard about before, the young man and his dad asked that the store instead donate the gift card to GSH.

We were pleased to pick up this donation from Aloysius and in turn are giving it to one of our client families to help them get off to a fresh start in their housing!

Happy New Year!