Perseverance Pays Off

Nov 17, 2016

by Patricia Lopez O’Reilly, Emergency Services Coordinator

Julie fell behind on her rent after she lost her job at the end of August 2016.  She was working at odd jobs until she found another job, but unfortunately was only working part-time hours.  Persevering, Julie kept applying for full time jobs until she started a permanent full-time position starting in the first week of November 2016.

During the time she was only able to find part-time work, she could not pay the rent in full and received an eviction notice.  She paid a portion of her rent with her paychecks from the part time job, but needed more funds to prevent the scheduled eviction.  GSH was able to assist her with $300.00 towards rental arrears and, along with the contributions from other local organizations, we’re happy to report that Julie has been able to remain stably housed.