Optimism and Community Building

Nov 11, 2016

In a recent presentation to the Urban Land Institute, Steve Gross, the founder of the Life Is Good Kids Foundation, spoke about how an optimistic outlook can build resiliency in children and ultimately in our communities.

As a social worker who focuses on traumatized children — including those having suffered from physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse and homelessness — Gross noted that the goal is to make the children “not fearless, but fear less.” By changing their outlook on life, it can often mean helping them to realize their ambitions and life goals.

But part of his message is that these children need to live in safe places. They will not truly get on in life without that safe, nurturing, and supportive home environment. It is not an environment found in the shelters.

But it can be found in housing like ours, especially in the communities where we serve and house our clients — places where optimism can grow.