Alexis Tallman completes Marine Corps Marathon for GSH!

by | Nov 2, 2016

On Sunday, October 30, our board member Alexis Feeney-Tallman, participated in the 41st annual Marine Corps Marathon.  Alexis ran the scenic 26.2 mile marathon in support of Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services (GSH), and we are grateful for her effort in helping to reduce homelessness in our community.

The race, which takes place in the nation’s capital, begins between the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, concluding at the Marine Corps War Memorial. The race was Alexis’ first marathon!

We would also like to thank those who supported Alexis in her run for GSH. Together, Alexis and her supporters raised $1,720 to benefit GSH! Our special thanks go to Lindsay Barnette, Emily Cooksey, Dustin Davis, Cheryl Ellsworth and Thomas Pardini, Michael Feeney, Dianne Feeney, Dorothy Feeney, Shileen Feeney Vienneau, Gary Hall, Megan Howard, Kathy Howe, Bryan Krizek, Paula Lettice, David Levine, Brian Mitchell, Tofie Owen Jr., Joe Reef, Christine Reynolds, Rose Tallman, and Hayden Temin.



We are counting the days until we get that Lincoln Memorial photo-op!!

Lindsay Barnette

Yeah for you, Alexis, and GSH sounds like a wonderful way to embrace families that need a little help.

Diane Feeney

Good luck!!!

Dustin Davis

So very proud of you. Best of luck!  We love you!.

Dorothy Feeney

Good luck and thanks for doing this

Tofie Owen Jr.

So those days at Reynolds World have borne fruit!  Good on ya!

Christine H. Reynolds

Go, Lexi!  Will be cheering for you at every mile.  I can’t wait for your finish line photo.

Megan Howard

Good Luck, Alexis!

Brian Mitchell

Good Luck to you and Charlotte!

Joe Reef

Way to go, Alexis!

Paula Lettice

Good luck with the race! Can’t wait to receive my commemorative Lincoln Memorial photo 🙂

Kathy Howe

Awesome Job!

Shileen Feeney Vienneau

Alexis, we are so proud of you for taking on the marathon and using your run to support GSH!

Go you!

Cheryl Ellsworth and Tom Pardini