Moving On Up

Oct 21, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

In mid-September, one of our residents, Francine, a mother of two small children, moved on from GSH housing and signed a lease in her own name.  Hers was a tremendous success given the journey she had taken to get there.

In May 2015, Francine was working for a newspaper distributor and not earning enough income for any housing in our area.  She found herself and her family having to relocate to the Red Carpet Inn (at $75/day) located next to our office.

Learning about us, she walked into our office and applied for one of our housing units.  She was interviewed by our case manager and was determined to be eligible for our housing by her income.  Within a month, she had moved into one of our Farrington Place units — a stone’s throw from the Huntington Metro.

While living with us, Francine was determined to improve her employability and earn more income.  While on maternity leave with her second child, she completed a certified nursing assistant’s course.  GSH had helped to raise funds to pay for her certification.

After graduating with her CNA certificate, Francine secured a higher-paying position as a healthcare aide.  Her improving income helped her to cleanup her debt and credit issues, resulting in a much stronger credit score.

Also having secured a housing choice voucher — which required better credit and a solid work income — she was able to sign a lease in her own name.  The family moved on to a townhome rental on Richmond Highway.

A great success story and a great report on the kind of impact we have on our residents.  Here’s a quote from her thank-you note to GSH:

I want to thank Good Shepherd Housing for helping us, and pray you continue to help people like us in the future…To you maybe you felt it was your job, but to us it was a lifeline.