by Candice Bennett, Director of Development

Our Community Case Manager, Jessica Seckman, recently had a young woman come to her who was in the beginning stages of a pregnancy. The young woman needed assistance with a plan to not only keep her job and stay in housing while having a baby, but a plan for long-term career improvement.

GSH stepped in and paid for her to attend nursing school so she could increase her income potential and only work one job while she prepared for the baby.

The original plan was for the young woman to work up until the baby was born in order for her to save money and then ESG funding would be used for the first month that the baby was born so that she could stay home and take care of her new born, since paid maternity leave was not available.

Jessica unfortunately got a call recently from the client stating that she had been put on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy. The intervention plan had to change.

Jessica was able to utilize ESG funding to help the client for 2 months while she was on bed rest with her unborn child, keeping her in housing before the baby arrived. The client is expecting her new baby next week. Jessica is thrilled that she was able to use ESG funding and keep her in stable housing for the past two months!