Recognition of a Housing Champion

Aug 19, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

Phil Rosenthal has been a great supporter of GSH for many years.  A former GSH board member, and the 2016 GSH Philanthropy awardee, Phil has always found the way and the time to advance our affordable housing mission.

As one of our landlords, Phil has routinely stepped in to house one of our clients in his affordable rental housing units. It might have been the retired school teacher, the sanitation worker or the government contractor who has benefited from Phil’s housing.

But more than that, Phil believes that affordable housing does not have to be rundown and unsuitable as a living space.  As one example of this belief, for one of our units leased from Phil, he went the extra mile and upgraded the unit — all the while keeping the rent very affordable.  You can see the photos below.

As always, Phil made one of his units a real home.

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