The Value of a Home

Aug 5, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

Connecticut has a program that looks to reduce the costs coming from frequent users of the healthcare system.  Its solution to these rising costs is housing.

Researchers have found that housing and healthcare are inexorably linked. The program looks to help some of the highest-cost Medicare users out there by housing them.  It is a simple solution with large and beneficial results.

In this article on Connecticut’s program, the author notes this about linking healthcare and housing together:  “Can it lead to better connections between healthcare and housing, two complex systems with enormous bearing on one another, that haven’t traditionally worked together?”

The program identifies high-cost, high-need, and homeless users of the healthcare system.  It then provides these users with affordable housing.  By doing so, it is a way to test out the value of a home, especially as it relates to healthcare.

Twelve months after housing several high-cost users of the healthcare system, the approach showed that overnight hospital stays had fallen by 80 percent; while emergency room visits had dropped by 69 percent.  When asked about finding a primary care physician, nearly ninety percent of those housed could positively affirm that they had one.

All in all, these results of the program show that housing is a foundation for a better, healthier life and lower healthcare costs.