The Best Day

Jul 29, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

Yesterday, we had a dozen young school-aged children in our office.  In a volunteer project sponsored through their church, St. Stephen’s UMC of Burke, the children put together welcome kits for the children — their peers — residing in GSH housing.

Having raised the funds for the kits through a car wash, the children from St. Stephen’s went to work in our conference room.  They filled their welcome kits with kid-specific supplies, books, handmade bookmarks, candy, nightlights, and toiletries. As you can see in these photos below, they then decorated their kits with warm messages of welcome.

Every kit included a handmade stuffed red crab — the best part.  As the attached message on the crab noted, it is there to make the child feel “less crabby.”  A very kind and warm thought for a child who has never slept in their own bedroom before — or has known the look of a real home.

Many thanks to our own Lesley Hatch for organizing the day.  Lesley also showed the children one of our housing units.  While on this tour, she explained that many children live in households with little money and few resources.  She said it opened their eyes to another world.

Also, a word of thanks to Pastor Abi Foerster, the Associate Pastor at St. Stephen’s for its Children’s Ministry.  Pastor Abi organized a thoughtful volunteer engagement for the children and we were pleased to be a part of their community service.