Measuring Success

Jul 15, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

This past fiscal year, we realized a long-held dream — and that was to make our case management services delivery more measurable and efficient.

With the support of a capacity-building grant from the Virginia Housing Development Authority, we made that dream come true through a new services software platform.

Called Apricot, our new online platform will allow our case managers to complete assessments, in-takes, monitoring, and followup of our clients and residents. Apricot will give us the data and measures we need in order to tell our story.

I’m happy to report that, as of July 1, our case managers are utilizing Apricot for all their work with our clients.  With assistance from board member Jen Stephens, who has a vast background and expertise in service evaluation, we will soon have reports and dashboards that will truly spell out our impact.

I like the idea that we are building this “culture of measurement” here at GSH.  It will help us to build community support for our mission.

Still, we have to be mindful that we measure the right things.  The consultant Liana Downey, who also teaches nonprofit management at NYU, had this blog post related to measurement mistakes.  As she notes, the key is to find “insights from the information.”  We will do our best to get it right.