Single Family Rentals

by David Levine, President/CEO

In this article written by Laurie Goodman and Dan Magder of the Urban Institute, it is clear how important rental housing will be over the next fifteen years.  As reported in their article, 59 percent of the new households formed between 2010 and 2030 will be renters.

Recognizing this need, and that 35 percent of all rental housing is scattered-site units (or about 14.9 million units in the US), the authors suggest ways to encourage even more development of this type of rental housing. They show that single family rentals (SFR) can improve neighborhood values, create affordable units, and stabilize deteriorating neighborhoods.

I find all this data intriguing, as our current housing falls squarely in the camp of scattered-site housing for single families.  While our housing includes condominium units, and not single-family detached homes, it still is very heartening to know that our housing is a strong path forward for solving the affordable housing crisis.