One More Success

Jun 24, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

This past week, too, we learned of another resident who had found success in our housing program.  Cora had lived in our housing with her seven-year-old son for more than two years.  She reported to us that they will be moving out  — for all the right reasons.  That is, next week Cora will be signing for a lease in her own name.

Housing stability was an impossible dream for her just a couple of years ago.  Working for the federal government, and a college graduate, Cora had found herself homeless with her son after a financially devastating divorce. No one stepped up to help her and her son, except GSH.

In just over two years, she progressed to the point that an apartment has become a reality. Cora and her son will know what real and long-term housing stability truly means.

Here’s what Cora reported to our COO Lesley Hatch:  I am so thankful to have Good Shepherd Housing as a stepping stone.  Without your support I honestly don’t know where I would be.  Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you for all for your assistance!!!

That’s just more of what we do: Transforming lives one family at a time.