Off to College

by | Jun 22, 2016

We are always excited to report our clients’ success stories! One of our families came to us several years ago from the city of Alexandria. The mom worked as a federal employee but couldn’t access safe and affordable housing for her and her daughter because she had been evicted several years before that. Before they found Good Shepherd Housing, the family was living with family members.

The family found us through the Internet. When they moved in, they came with nothing.

Even though the family moved into our housing, the daughter was permitted to remain enrolled at T. C. Williams in Alexandria. Children who are homeless are permitted to remain in their original school even after finding housing in hopes that keeping their social network and support system will help them with academic stability.

The mother let us know over the weekend that because the family has been able to achieve stability and self-sufficiency, the daughter just graduated from T. C. Williams High School with a 4.0 GPA and has been awarded a FULL scholarship to Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia.

Thanks to our donors, this student was given a chance at stability and a bright future, and she took advantage of it! Congratulations!