Seeking a Better Life

Jun 17, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

Our case manager Jessica reported on a family that she recently helped out.  A young mother of two small children, Janine had fled from her house because of an abusive boyfriend.  Living without housing, and wanting something other than shelter or a housing choice voucher for her family, she gave her grandparents temporary custody of her children.

Then Janine moved ahead to change her life.  While working two jobs, she also signed up for a certified nursing assistant course. GSH helped her with the costs of the course, as we recognized that the training would help her reach the first rung on the ladder of stability for her and her family.

Soon enough, Janine finished the course and found work in the healthcare field as a certified nursing assistant.  She is making $18/hour and, as she proudly noted to Jessica, “it’s better than minimum wage.”

This week, she will be signing a lease in her own name with a local landlord.  GSH helped her with the security deposit and first month’s rent, knowing that our support helped her secure housing.  The best news is this: with her new housing, she’ll now be able to reunite her family under one roof.

Janine’s story is how GSH transforms lives.  It’s our way of creating impact in the community.

Janine also said to Jessica these words of gratitude:  “Good Shepherd people were the only ones who believed in me.  For that I’m very grateful.”