2016 Fairfax County Needs Assessment

Jun 10, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

Called “The Path Toward Tomorrow,” the 2016 Fairfax County Human Services Needs Assessment was issued as a full report this week.

A comprehensive and thorough study compiled from many sources, the report addresses the state of key needs within four topic areas — sustainable housing, economic self-sufficiency, healthy people, and connected individuals.

You’ll find much detailed information in the report, especially on growing human services needs.  For example, on the issue of rent burdens (page 22), the report notes that one would have to have an average annual income of $50,920 to afford an efficiency apartment at the fair market rent in Fairfax County.

Note the emphasis: it’s an efficiency apartment rent. No doubt this is why 47 percent of rental households in 2014 are housing cost-burdened in the County.

Another plus is that the report will help us to build a case for our affordable housing. The report gives us more support for our work.