Sustainable Housing Workgroup

Jun 3, 2016

by David Levine, President/CEO

As a contributing member of this County-based Workgroup, I have participated in its discussions on preserving and promoting affordable housing options in the County.

Along with the other members — who are coming from other major housing providers and Fairfax County governmental agencies —we are developing strategies in support of affordable housing development. Among others, I have been advocating for the implementation of a County-wide asset disposition plan. The actual language in the draft strategic plan reads:

“….by adding countywide asset disposition plan to consider the sale, auction, transfer, or other disposition action of county-owned and -managed properties in support of affordable housing development.”

Like any large-sized property manager, the County should look at gaining the most value from its assets. That may mean investing in its properties and upgrading them. But it might also mean disposing of properties through a sale or auction. (This is especially true for older, fully depreciated properties).

So maybe the empty school can become a multifamily affordable housing complex? It’s a thought. But more than that, the future of County properties can be planned for as part of an asset disposition plan.

Eventually, the affordable housing strategic plan will be measured as part of a report card on the County’s economic strategies. You can view this report card here as it relates to affordable housing.