Back On His Feet

Apr 22, 2016

A car mechanic by training, John had always seen steady work at the local auto shop.  Then one day, four years ago, he accidentally twisted and injured this back while prepping a car for the lift.  He was laid up and missed many days at work.

His paycheck narrowed with the loss of work hours.  (He didn’t have paid sick leave).  John was able to work in a restaurant at a job not requiring much physical labor; but he earned only an insufficiently small amount of money there.  He struggled with housing and remained unstably housed for years.

This is when GSH stepped in to help John.  With a $350 pledge to payoff some of his back rent and utility bills in his most recent housing, our commitment to him made all the difference.  It tied him over just long enough in housing for him to get back on his feet.

And get back on his feet he did:  John returned to a mechanic’s job at an auto repair shop and has been working full-time ever since.

Our help, our small “hand up,” was what he needed.