Two Men and A Truck

by David Levine, President and CEO

I will recount this client story involving our Case Manager Ryan and our Development Director Candice. It is a great example of collective impact.  Or, said differently, when we at GSH work together for our clients, great things happen.

Fairfax County’s Department of Family Services referred a family in desperate straits to Ryan.  A six-member family, it was evicted from their tiny one-bedroom and made homeless for reasons of overcrowding.  They had no place to go — until GSH got in the picture.

Although working in low-wage jobs, the parents were just able to afford one of our more affordable housing units.  After moving in, it was clear they had nothing. No household goods, no furnishings, nothing.

That’s when Candice went into action. She located two of her acquaintances who were looking to downsize their own housing.  They happily made the donations of furniture to the family. Candice also asked for — and received — pro bono moving team services from Two Men and a Truck in Alexandria.

Last Saturday, the family received a beautiful dining room set, bedroom furniture, and a living room set.  That night, the children had a chance to sleep in their own beds and not on air mattresses thrown on the floor, which had been their sleeping arrangement for more a year.

Many thanks to Zach Killdall, General Manager of Two Men and a Truck – Alexandria.  Zach said this about their offer of help:  “When GSH called and asked us to help their clients out who were in desperate need of furnishings after being homeless, we didn’t hesitate to help.”

Please check out the photos of the wonderful furniture for this family below.

We are proud of our staff too, both Ryan and Candice, for making a difference in this family’s future. It is a great example of transforming lives for the better and through housing.
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