After I started working with Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services, I learned that all humans whether homeless, poor, needy or desperate desire to have a safe place to live a normal life and to breathe peacefully. Almost all human beings in every part of the world care about their privacy and do not want anyone else to see how they sleep, take a bath, cook or eat.

In order to have a better and peaceful community, we should strive to end poverty and homelessness. I believe the well-being, personal security and safety of those around us should be a priority, because their instability leads to the instability of community.

Homelessness is a huge threat for every community. The physical and mental condition of homeless clients helped me understand how difficult it is to be homeless. The challenges and struggles they face every day, are beyond explanation and understanding. The families and individuals that Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services assist on a daily bases are dealing with a variety of challenges and struggles.

Homeless people can be victims of different types of violence and abuse and are deprived of many advantages. They do not have access to clean drinking water, proper health care facilities, dental services and have very limited access to education. Their children experience rejection and discrimination at a very young age. Most homeless families have limited access to transportation. Many are not educated; making it difficult to find a permanent job to have a stable income to take care of their basic needs.

The problems that homeless populations are facing are serious and are the problems that no one person or organization can fix. These problems will be fixed by the support of many organizations because only a united effort will be able to make a difference. Let’s together help and assist those organizations which are there to end homelessness.