Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services (GSH) is known for providing equal humanitarian services to all men, women, individuals, and families without any discrimination. People of all ages from different backgrounds and nationalities receive help and services on a daily basis.

Every day there are some new clients with different types of sad and heart breaking stories. Each one of them either needs urgent help and support with paying their rent, or in finding a residential place to live peacefully. Those who are needy and live within certain zip codes that GSH serves are considered eligible and receive the benefits.

Homelessness leads to so many types of social and physical problems. High levels of stress, which gradually turn into mental problems that are directly associated with poverty and homelessness. Poverty, homelessness, and stress lead to poor management, losing jobs, poor health conditions and also, it ruins peaceful family relationships. Each GSH client is considered eligible for receiving assistance because the majority of them are facing different types of social challenges. For instance, one of the clients of GSH is a single mother. She has six children and a dog. Like all other mothers, this woman also wants to raise well-behaved and well-educated children. She works, but she is a single mother and has six children; therefore, it was a challenge to find her housing because most landlords refused to rent her their property. So, it required more time and effort to place her with her six children and a dog in the right place at the right time.

Luckily, GSH was able to find her a secure place. Although, she did not have good credit, one of Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services’ Housing Locators housed this client after talking to many different landlords and property dealers.

Now this single mother and all her children are happy and housed in a safe area and a good neighborhood.
We are thankful for the rapid and quality services of Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services.

by: Alaha, Housing Locator Program Assistant