Recently Central Florida Commission on Homelessness published a study on how much it costs to give a homeless person in Central Flordai a home vs. leaving him on the street. Their study shows that a homeless person on the streets will cost an average of $31,065 per year. Whereas giving him housing will cost $10,051, that’s $21,000 that could be saved for every homeless person. By providing a permanent place for homeless people to live and services like job training and health care, that would save millions of dollars for taxpayers.

Andrae Bailey, CEO of the commission that released the study said, “Our community will spend nearly half a billion dollars [on the chronically homeless], and at the end of the decade,these people will still be homeless. It doesn’t make moral sense, and now we know it doesn’t make financial sense.”

Most of the long-term-homeless residents have mental health and physical disabilities and he stated that, “these are not people who are just going to pull themselves up by their boostraps and get a job…they’re never going to get off the streets on their own.”

The study brings awareness to the seriousness of homelessness and how it would be irresponsible of society allows for this continue. We have a financial obligation to care for these individuals.